Artiklar från 2008 – till idag

Artiklar från 2008 – till idag


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  • The company demonstrated their enthusiasm in vivid characterisations.

    Under the direction of Nicolas Le Riche, the Royal Swedish Ballet presented a double bill of French choreography. Roland Petit’s Carmen is a timeless gem. Premiered in London in 1949, the choreographic language was entirely new and remains an original in a class of its own. Petit takes the essence of Prosper Mérimée's novella, edits George Bizet’s score to a taut 40 minutes, and tells the narrative at a rip-roaring pace, combining extreme theatricality with raw reality and conflicting ravishing sensuality with high comedy.

  • Kites1 GO

    Kites – Allt hänger på en tråd

    Allt hänger på en tråd, tro mig, jag ligger på en slätt, torr i munnen, andfådd, och du är här vid min sida, du skulle kunna gå härifrån, men det finns band som binder, allt är upp och ner och det finns ingenting annat än blått under mig …

  • Sibelius1

    The Ballet Sibelius at the Finnish National Ballet is a story – and a great love story of a composer

    Finnish National Ballet celebrates its centenary this year and the new commission, Sibelius , plays an important role. The significance of the composer and his works inspired Finnish choreographer, Jorma Elo, to celebrate his life. It introduces music important for Elo as for all the Finnish people, having Sibelius's music in their blood.

  • RBS1

    Royal Ballet School Affiliate Training and Assessment Programme

    ‘The unique programme will drive forward the standard and accessibility of recreational dance training, providing an alternative to the current model of training offered by recreational dance organisations.’

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